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materials - 100% cotton

model wears size M

size chart in last photo


ONE YEAR OF RUDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even begin to express how thankful I am that all of you amazing stranger weirdos somehow found this little brand and felt like it resonated with you.

To celebrate, we're launching a limited edition unisex t-shirt to commemorate 365 days in bizniss!

Madelyn of OHOK Things is an incredible screen printer and artist holding down the fort in central Illinois. We worked together to create this punk DIY-inspired patchwork tee. Each one is 100% cotton and extremely soft. Each one is individually tie-dyed and embroidered. Each one is badass.

This has been the craziest and best year ever. Thank you so much for every order, ever comment on a post, every link sent to your mom with a strong hint that you want this for your birthday.

We have the BEST customers and community and we're not stopping any time soon! Can't wait for another year with y'all.

xx Ruby


 *****all tie dyes are unique & the images displayed most likely will not be the same as the shirt you receive. shirts are printed and dyed one by one so please be patient love you byeeee