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materials - 100% cotton

COBALT is a calf-length babydoll dress with a classic 1970s ringer t-shirt bodice. It has an oversized waistline for comfort, and is easily dressed up or down for any occasion. It has a delicate contrasting zipper with a ring pull for easy dressing.

model wears size S

size chart in last photo


The name Cobalt or Kobalt in German, originally, is named after kobolds, mythical shapeshifting goblins notorious for causing cave-ins in mines, poisoning miners for fun, and general malicious tomfoolery. Naming cobalt after the kobolds made sense, considering that cobalt ore can be very difficult to extract from the ground, and can be poisonous in its purest form. Not in this dress, tho. You’re good.

The availability of cobalt as a pigment helped give birth to the impressionist movement, with artists like Monet, Renoir, Sisley, and more favoring the intensity, depth, tranquility, and peculiarity it provided to their paintings. It’s one of those colors you can get lost in. It’s futuristic and ancient. Think of the virgin Mary, donned in a deep blue. Cleopatra used the color as eye shadow (well… technically… she used lapis lazuli blue. But still.)

Ironically, this particular piece is named for the least malicious and least goblin-like person on this planet. The opposite of poison. The antidote, you might even say! Nico (aka nickelcobalt on the internet… like Ni… Co… you get it.) He proofreads every paragraph, he looks at every sample, every stitch, he tells me it’s going to be alright when I feel like it just might not actually be alright, he plays with our puppies when I’m still sewing late into the evening. He is cool as fuck and I love him a lot.