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materials - 100% cotton

MARIMO is a calf-length babydoll dress with a classic 1970s ringer t-shirt bodice. It has an oversized waistline for comfort, and is easily dressed up or down for any occasion. It has a delicate contrasting zipper with a ring pull for easy dressing.

 model wears size M

size chart in last photo


Marimos are rare forms of live algae that look like perfect spheres of green velvety moss. They mostly live in Japan and Iceland (and in my house in Los Angeles), and they are a sweet symbol of everlasting love.

Legend has it that centuries ago along the banks of Lake Akan on the Japanese island Hokkaido, the daughter of the Ainu tribe chief fell in love with a commoner. Her name was Senato. She was beautiful, unpretentious, and skilled at fishing. She met Manibe on the banks of the lake. He was sensitive and kind, not like the brutish suitors she was used to. They were together in secret until Senato couldn’t take the pressure of lying to her father. They presented their love to the chief, who did not approve. Senato and Manibe ran away together, into the woods behind Lake Akan. Some say they gleefully jumped into the water together. Some say they fell in and sunk to the bottom. Either way, they transformed into marimos, peacefully bobbing along the lake bed for eternity.

Marimos are wonderful, unassuming pets that can live for decades. They’re a token of love and affection. I told my boyfriend that if ours dies, we have to break up. Sorry. Them’s the rules.